Change Management

Change Management

The rate of change is escalating in the workplace. Drivers such as technology are changing the way we do business and how we communicate at a far quicker pace than at any other time in our history.

As ways of working change rapidly at both the macro and micro level - we all need to understand how we lead, manage and support each other and ourselves through changing situations. There are practical strategies and steps, tools and tactics you can use to manage change and the impact that change can have on people and those linked to your business.

Understanding the how, why and what to do through changing situations is a core part of the program options below.

Successful program components include:

  • Drivers for change - what and why
  • Success factors around change in organisations
  • Change and organisational culture
  • People and change
  • Phases of Change – what to consider from start to finish
  • Internal and external relationship management through change
  • Models for change – practical steps and options
  • Responses, reactions and strategies to progress change
  • Dealing with resistance to change – case studies (tailored)
  • Communication strategy – the key factor
  • Tools and techniques for change management
  • Planning for the next change – avoiding burnout!

To ensure you have change management skills and strategies in place for the professionals at all levels of your organisation, contact APA Training & Development for further information on providing an ideal program for your needs.