Communication Skills

Communication Skills

The ability to communicate successfully is recognised as the Number One element in leadership and management success. The recognition of your skills, knowledge and commitment all rely on the ability to engage, inform and motivate others. One of the most challenging areas in professional skill building is to learn how to maximise your innate abilities and build diversity and excellence into your communication skills choices.

The program will work on tailored case studies and scenarios ensuring that the immediately useable techniques are practiced during the sessions.

Program elements can include:

  • Communication - Current Trends and Patterns
  • Cause & Effect of Good and Poor Communication
  • Applying Diverse Approaches - identification and management
  • The Impact of Technology - when it works and when it doesn't!
  • The Idea Transfer - structure and delivery
  • Alternate Strategies and Tools - including Negotiation
  • Questioning, Listening and Planning
  • Analysis And Assessment of Response - Yours and Theirs
  • Appropriate Language
  • Critical Mistakes in Communication
  • Situational Analysis - Case Studies
  • Solutions And Options - Progress On The Hardest Cases
  • Communication - The Language Of Resolution
  • Ground Rules - What It Takes

From the experienced manager to the newer team member - improving your communication skills will support your professional and personal future. Contact APA Training & Development for more information of Communication Skills programs.