Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

ability to think through potential solutions – to approach problems and possibilities from a new angle seems to be disappearing as we all work so rapidly to get something (anything!) done!

Through a practical and interactive based program, strategies and tools to promote an understanding of the “how, why and what” for contemporary problems solving is covered in this program. We work on what is needed to generate both individual and group creative thinking and problem solving processes.

Successful program components include:

  • Challenges in the workplace – what’s changed in our thinking
  • Creative Thinking – what, why and how we find the time!
  • Problem Solving – why, how and decision making
  • Barriers to Creative Thinking
  • Assessing your problem solving style and the implications
  • Teams, Diversity and Communication
  • Characteristics of Good Ideas
  • Tools and Strategies including:
    • Step-by-step method of Problem Solving – activity
    • Mindmapping - activity
    • De Bono’s approaches to Problem Solving and Creative Thinking – activity
    • Cause and Effect – activity
    • Force Field Analysis – activity
    • 20 Questions - activity
  • Left brain and Right brain – what’s happening and strategies to engage your thinking

To ensure that you and your team have the potential and tools in place to work and produce creative options, contact APA Training & Development for further information on providing an ideal program for your needs.