Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity in the Workplace

Today’s workplaces are incredibly diverse - with gender, cultural and ethnic background, age and other aspects of diversity all part of the everyday organisation. The benefits of diversity in the workplace are well established in relation to balanced innovation, communication and workplace culture. To ensure that professional practices support interaction, communication and productivity, it is vital that organisations work to support the potential differences between colleagues, teams and clients.

The program will work on tailored case studies and scenarios ensuring that the immediately useable techniques are practiced during the sessions.

Program elements can include:

  • Difference & diversity - what it means
  • Diversity - multiple aspects identified!
  • Diversity awareness questionnaire
  • Communicating for inclusion and relationship building
  • Dimensions of diversity - gaining self insight
  • What’s changed in the expectations of workplace interactions?
  • Areas of workplace behaviour - looking at expectations for aspects including language, culture, interaction & body language, age, gender etc
  • Discrimination in Australia and NSW - implications for best practice in service delivery
  • How can you discriminate without meaning to? - Case Studies
  • Communication and difference in the workplace
  • Ground Rules - What It Takes
  • Case Studies - using practical situations to consider actions, language and professional responsibilities

From the experienced manager to the newer team member it is essential to work successfully in diverse situations. Contact APA Training & Development for more information of Diversity in the workplace programs.