Effective Teams

Effective Teams

With the majority of workplaces operating in teams, we need to focus on what it takes to create and maintain an engaged, positive and productive group of individuals. APA Training & Development provides a practical and innovative team program where interaction and communication support a program structured on range of realistic and contemporary skill and knowledge areas.

The program is suitable for whole teams looking to build and expand their potential and ways of working together – or for those new to leading teams who are seeking to develop the best possible team outcomes.

Program elements can include:

  • Teams – why “teams”?
  • Critical Elements for successful teams
  • Teams and team work – what it takes
  • Roles in teams –what you need and what you have!
  • Product and Process in teams
  • Multiple teams – how to manage being part of different teams
  • Team Leadership skills
  • Team members – skills and responsibilities
  • The Team Competency and Capacity Assessment
  • Key Factors in working together
  • Problem Solving and feedback loops in teams – practical case studies
  • Communication in teams – vital components
  • Influence and Negotiation in teams

Tailoring content to ensure it is a motivating and informative program is what APA Training & Development excels at. Contact us for further information on the team session ideal for your needs.