Emails – Management & Etiquette

Emails – Management & Etiquette

Communication in business is conducted mainly by email in today’s workplace – and very little strategic discussion is happening about how this can be managed and what the impact of “problem” emails can be. It has been proven that the two biggest time wasters in today’s workplace are our habits and processes around meetings and email management! (See the Managing Meetings program.).

With up to 4 hours a day spent on these two aspects of our work – it is critical that we know how to deal with our email habits and addictions.

Program elements can include:

  • The vital role of email in the workplace
  • The Email Addiction – assessing your own approaches
  • Top Ten Email Time wasters
  • What works and what fails in the Email communication loop
  • The Fundamentals – who, what, why
  • The Big Picture – the business influence
  • Damage and how to avoid it
  • Critical Communication tactics in email
  • Effects on clients – case studies
  • Purpose and Protocol – what elements are needed and how to establish them
  • Managing the email “flow” and volume
  • Planning and Trends in emails – the unused information source
  • Standards and formats for your workplace
  • Problem solving – and avoiding conflict
  • Summary of Best Practice in today’s workplace

These key themes will be used to establish what will work best for you in your situation. Best practice and problem areas will be identified and group work activities will support discussion throughout the session.

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