Excellence in Customer Service Skills

Excellence in Customer Service Skills

From Government departments – to private business, how you interact with your customers impacts on reputation, customer satisfaction, staff morale, productivity and profit. Recent data reveals that poor service will cause up to 68% of customers to leave the business and seek alternatives where possible. Where the customer has limited alternatives for the service being provided (a major cause of complacency in companies) – you end up with a poor reputation, demotivated staff and demands for significant change and restructured service delivery!

Using case studies and scenarios in line with your business, the programs will focus on building and maintaining high levels of clear thinking and planning around essential elements including:

  • Customer Mapping
  • Relationship Management – Tailored Approaches
  • Identifying the Key Success Factors for Customer Service
  • Internal and External Customers – Identification and Management
  • Legendary Customer Service – The Underpinnings of Excellence
  • Feedback and Review in the Service Cycle
  • Angry and Upset Customers/Clients – Why it happens and what To Do
  • Communication in Customer/Client Service
  • Service Improvement Strategies – Planning, Measurement and Protocols
  • Developing an Effective Process for obtaining Customer Feedback
  • Keeping People Motivated about their Customers
  • The Relationship between Quality and Service
  • How to add Value
  • Creating Magic Moments for your Customers

APA programs are designed to meet your needs and our program will provide you with vital expertise and knowledge you can apply in a wide range of situations.

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