Executive Coaching / Business Coaching

Executive Coaching

Effective organisations do more than just simply manage performance gaps; they proactively coach key team members to create a high performance culture that is committed to the future. Coaching is a collaborative, targeted and results-orientated process which will help to build on the abilities of the nominees involved.

Benefits of coaching include improved individual performance; bottom-line results impacting on essential areas such as innovation and competitiveness; development of people for the next level; goal achievement; skills and self-empowerment; relationship improvement; and retention of quality staff.

Our solution focused coaching programs offer a range of flexible coaching packages for managers and executives who would benefit from targeted, one-to-one support.

Our coaching programs can be combined with 360 degree feedback, onboarding/induction programs and personality profiling tools to aid the learning and behavioural change process.

Our coaches are fully qualified practitioners with significant leadership, management and HR experience. This ensures that the participants receive practical and realistic advice from credible business professionals.

Coaching Program Elements available:

    We can design and deliver a tailored coaching program for your organisation, or deliver one of our standard packages.

    Coaching can build on diverse leadership areas such as:

  • Negotiation and Influence
  • People management
  • Business Planning and Strategic Thinking
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Effective Decision Making
  • Delegation
  • Coaching for excellence from staff
  • Change Management
  • Feedback strategies
  • Performance Management
  • Managing up/Professional Relationship Management strategies
  • Time Management and Priorities

There will also be additional key areas identified through the coaching process by both the individual being coached and by the organisation.

A tailored coaching program can include:

  • Onboarding/Induction. Provided to key senior candidates when they come into a new company/organisation or role. The first impression of the organisation begins with the interview process and the next major impression is created by the onboarding/induction process. A comprehensive onboarding process provides a level of security and support to the newly recruited senior executive, and ensures increased understanding and confidence with the organisation.
  • 360 degree quality feedback. Quality confidential feedback is collected via an online tool from a number of people (internal and external) who work closely with the individual being coached. A detailed report summarising the results of the feedback is produced for the individual and an agreed tailored coaching program is commenced.
  • Introduction session. The purpose of this session is to feedback and explain the results of the 360 degree exercise to the individual (if applicable), to identify specific goals for the program and establish the coaching approach and relationship.
  • Manager Feedback. The coach will meet (or arrange a call) with the individual's manager to establish any specific goals and context to bring to the coaching.
  • Coaching Sessions. Coaching sessions of 1.5 - 2 hours each, these are normally held every 6-8 weeks depending on the individual's goals. Email and phone support from the coach is available between coaching sessions.
  • Evaluation. In the final coaching session, the objectives are reviewed by the coach and the individual and a future action plan is mapped out.

Our experienced and qualified coaches are accredited in a number of online assessment tools including certification from the Institute of Coaching and Consulting Psychology (University of Sydney), MBTI, ESCI, LSI and DiSC.