Managing Meetings

Managing Meetings

It has been proven that the two biggest time wasters in today’s workplace are our habits and processes around meetings and email management! (See the Emails – Management & Etiquette program.)

With up to 4 hours a day spent on these two aspects of our work – it is critical that we know how to maximise these sessions and the following program can help you gain the very best from the time you spend in the various meetings you attend or run. Knowing how to define, plan, organise, manage and follow up are the key components to successful meetings and the program will benefit all who have to manage or attend meetings in their professional role.

Program elements can include:

  • Why Meetings? – the other options including briefings, teleconferencing etc
  • Pre-meeting planning – getting it organised
  • Roles and responsibilities – chair, participants, note takers and speakers etc
  • Purpose and Protocol – what elements are needed and how to establish them
  • The Fundamentals – Timing, Environment and Technology
  • The Critical questions about the meeting – Who, why and what?
  • Managing a meeting – communication strategies including:
    • Introductions and “setting the scene”
    • Questions
    • Listening skills
    • Assertiveness techniques
  • The Paperwork – levels of formality and core elements
  • Strategies for managing difficult behaviour constructively including dealing with:
    • Inappropriate talkers
    • Conflicts and arguments
    • Technology addicts
    • Interrupters (internal and external)
    • Sideways discussions
  • Meeting Closure + Follow up and Action
  • Individual Action Plan

These key themes will be used to structure case studies, scenarios and group work activities to support the program elements. This program will improve the planning and outcomes of your meeting time and will give you the professional skills needed to lead meetings at every level.

Contact APA Training & Development for further information on the ideal Time Management program for your organisation. Programs combining Project Management and Time Management are also available.