Managing People

Managing People

Managing people is the most challenging part of many people’s roles. The capacity to find potential, communicate effectively and develop performance is what a manager’s role is all about. It is the key to understanding today’s ever changing workplace – and workforce.

With 85% to 95% of performance issues generated by attitudinal aspects of performance (not skills and knowledge factors!), managers need to know how to manage and communicate in challenging situations.

APA Training & Development provides programs that work on identifying strategies to achieve results and a positive work environment.

The programs will be tailored to suit the client’s culture and needs. All sessions focus on communication, practical strategies and tangible outcomes.

Key elements for a Managing People program can include:

  • Managing others - what it takes to be a successful manager
  • Management and Leadership
  • Your own management style and approaches – all about you
  • Impact and possibilities of varied management approaches
  • Communication – principles and practice including emotional intelligence
  • Performance – what it takes to get the best possible results
  • Feedback – practical strategies and tools
  • Managing difficult performance – case studies and solutions
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Delegation
  • Great Expectations – managing yours and your teams
  • Planning for Managers
  • Coaching for successful performance
  • Diversity in your team – insights and strategies (including Gen X&Y)
  • Motivation for results
  • Managing people through Change

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