Negotiation & Influence

Negotiation & Influence

The ability to negotiate and influence situations and people around you is a high level skill – and one you can learn. For situations from team interactions to performance discussions, client meetings to a one on one debate, knowing how to negotiate for a positive outcome provides you with an enormous advantage.

You will leave this program understanding the strategies, planning and communication approaches to apply in diverse situations where influence is needed. There will be case studies and scenarios for practical application of the techniques we cover.

Program elements can include:

  • Negotiating & Influencing
  • Identifying Situations And Style
  • Assessment – How You Influence Others
  • The Critical Factors – Plan And Prepare
  • Step-By-Step Approach To Influencing Or Negotiating
  • Characteristics Of A Successful Negotiator
  • Critical Mistakes In Influencing & Negotiating
  • Questioning and Communication Techniques
  • BATNA And Other Strategies
  • Attitude & Conflict
  • Common Barriers Or Objections
  • Strategies To Overcome Objections
  • Persuasive Language & Persuasive Speaking – The Process Of Influence
  • Preparing To Negotiate – Questions To Ask Yourself

This program will provide you with vital expertise and knowledge you can apply in a wide range of situations and strengthen your professional skills for the future. Contact APA Training & Development for more information of Negotiation and Influence programs.