Priorities, Projects & Time Management

Priorities, Projects & Time Management

Knowing how to coordinate multiple commitments is a vital professional skill than needs updating and readjusting on a regular basis.

In combination with practical time management strategies, fundamental project management approaches can be used to organise and manage situations and demands around us.

This program will provide you with the essential tools needed to manage the multiple demands on your time. Assessment and solutions for your timewasters will also form a part of the program and provide you with the vital sanity saving tactics you can use creatively to manage situations both big and small.

Program elements can include:

  • Time and priorities – tactics and options
  • What’s currently working and what’s not in our situation?
  • Tactics for control and assessing where we go wrong!
  • Project Management – the planning strategy
  • What is a project and what are the critical elements of every project?
  • Priority – knowing what is really important and not just URGENT
  • Prioritising projects – what does it take to manage multiple demands?
  • Time management truths – all about your habits and time wasters!
  • Your computer, emails and time management
  • Managing ourselves and others – including managing “up”
  • Communication – for role, responsibilities and workload
  • Tactics for intervention – keeping on track
  • Planning Tools - Gantt Charts and the Critical Path Analysis/Method (CPM)
  • The essentials of project planning and review/monitoring

This program will confirm your practical project management skills and improve the planning of your work flow. It will provide you with communication tactics to manage multiple demands in today’s ever changing workplace.

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