Project Management Fundamentals

Project Management Fundamentals

So much of our work now relies on understanding and knowing when to apply the core elements relating to project management. Many of us are working to tight timeframes with limited resources. We are juggling people, priorities and politics and we need the right planning and management tools at our finger tips!

This program provides a practical insight in to the projects you are already involved in (even those areas you had not realised were projects!) and will give you tools and tactics to collaborate and manage in future projects.

Industry specific programs are also available with courses provided to sectors ranging from universities to marketing and publishing areas.

Understanding the language, tools & how, why and what of Project Management are all elements of this practical and engaging program.

Successful program components include:

  • Projects for your working environment - what needs to be considered?
  • The Critical Elements of every project?
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the project manager and team members
  • The Project Management Triangle - the three essential elements + one
  • The Scope and the Work Plan
  • The Communication Strategy - from documents to information flow
  • Planning Tools - Gantt Charts, Critical Path Method (CPM) and PERT
  • Change, Priority and juggling multiple projects
  • Risk Management - practical and usable!
  • Monitoring, Review and Reporting of project progress

To ensure you have the right level of professional project management skills and strategies in place for the professionals at all levels of your organisation, contact APA Training & Development for further information on providing an ideal program for your needs.