Recruiting, Selecting Staff & Induction

Recruiting, Selecting Staff & Induction

Finding and retaining the right person for a role and for future contribution/potential is identified as one of the most important contributions you can make to your organisation. It is also an increasing difficult challenge! With an unemployment rate of 4% (2008 ABS), there is an acknowledged skills shortage. Combine this factor with the need for flexibility in an ever changing work environment and it is clear that knowing how to recruit, select and support staff are critical skills for every professional.

There are vital stages to consider when you are investing in a recruitment process. Whether targeting for junior or senior roles; internal or external recruitment; positions in the private or public sector - establish the best chance of hiring talent for your organisation by focusing your skills.

Successful programs can include:

  • The Strategic Starting Point for Roles
  • The Whole Process Overview - the 5 Stages
  • Critical Mistakes and how to avoid them!
  • Job Analysis
  • Developing Selection Criteria
  • How to reach and "target" the right staff
  • Current Trends in Recruitment and Applicants
  • Culling and Short-listing in the current workplace (online processes etc)
  • Panel Planning and Preparation - practice and practical case studies
  • Interviewing Essentials - Techniques from Behavioural to Scenario
  • Questions and Answers - Design, Standard and Planning
  • Selecting the Best - Analysis and Agreement
  • Reference/referee checking - How to get this working successfully
  • Providing Feedback to candidates - Why and How
  • EEO and other key issues
  • Key Elements of a Good Induction - the essential LINK!

The program is very interactive and every participant leaves with vital tools and approaches to implement for the future.

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