Strategic & Business Planning

Strategic & Business Planning

As the famous quote states - "If you don't know where your business is going, any road will get you there."

Implementing planning for your business requires flexibility, creativity and commitment. The challenge comes in setting a real direction for your organisation plus providing your plan in a useful and clearly communicated format. Relevance and alignment is important for everyone in planning - from the strategic level and includes the development of localised team and area plans.

APA Training & Development can provide a range of planning sessions that can support your organisation in creating and structuring both strategic and business plans.

  1. An additional area where expertise can be provided is in the facilitation/management of Planning sessions where a skilled external facilitator can ensure that people, politics and power plays are managed to a successful planning outcome for the area involved.
  2. When you require the knowledge and skills to develop plans - program elements can include:
    • Why Planning is Essential
    • The Jargon of Planning - from Targets to KPI’s
    • The Impact of Change - Response and Flexibility
    • Core Elements of successful plans - including Time, Resources, Dependencies and Measurement etc
    • Planning Strategies - Getting contribution and commitment
    • Templates for Planning
    • Critical Errors and Omissions in Planning
    • Communication Strategies in Planning
    • Monitor, Review and Reporting
    • Planning - case studies

APA programs are designed to meet your needs and our program will provide you with vital expertise and knowledge you can apply in a wide range of situations.

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