Time Management & Priorities

Time Management & Priorities

Research in 2007 confirmed that 71% of workers feel stressed about the amount of information they must process and act on while doing business; 60% feel overwhelmed.

Today’s working environment requires the ability to plan and juggle multiple demands, and to stay focused on priorities as circumstances change around you. This program will give you practical tools and strategies to support the multiple demands on your time. Assessment and solutions for your timewasters will also form a part of the program and establish the vital sanity saving factors you can use creatively to manage situations both big and small.

Program elements can include:

  • Time and priorities – our planning and organising strategies revealed
  • What’s currently working and what’s not in our time management and our organisational approaches
  • Identifying Origins of time management issues
  • Common Traps and Distractions
  • Cause and Effect of time and priority issues
  • The Urgency Index and the Urgency Trap
  • Assessing ourselves and how we deal with juggling work requests
  • Priority – knowing what is really important NOT just urgent
  • Flexibility and Commitment – when to apply
  • Managing ourselves and others – including managing “up”
  • Communication in time management – for role, responsibilities and workload
  • Identifying the benefit of what you do (the right thing at the right time the right way!)
  • Time management truths – all about your habits and time wasters!
  • Email – and other interruptions
  • The People Factor!

This program will improve the planning of your work flow and patterns using practical tools and tactics. It will provide you with communication tactics to manage multiple demands and the key to understanding today’s ever changing workplace.

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Programs combining Project Management and Time Management are also available.