Executive Coaching & Leadership Training Services

APA Training & Development provides a diverse range of learning and development options for individuals and organisations. We offer an extensive collection of courses and other key services such as:

  1. Facilitation, Co-ordination and Chairing/MC for Conference programs.
  2. Executive Coaching with targeted programs supporting leadership and development.
  3. Conflict or Resolution Coaching – where key colleagues are unable to progress a situation or resolve differences, coaching can be an incredibly valuable method to define issues, promote resolution and to rebuild a satisfactory working relationship.
  4. Business & Strategic Planning Facilitation – Supporting your planning program by gaining input, managing people and politics, structuring the discussions and moving the program to the desired outcome.
  5. 360º + 180º Feedback – where assessment, reporting and coaching for maximum performance and improvement form part of the package.
  6. Motivational and Keynote Speaker – Engaging and informative presentations on areas including:
    • Priorities and Time
    • Motivating others
    • Influence and Negotiation
    • Strategic Recruitment – finding and keeping the best!
    • Managing People
    • Career Options – Getting what you want (whatever it is!)
    • Women in Leadership – the key strategies
  7. Consultation on Human Resources area including:
    • Training Needs Analysis
    • Auditing and Review of policy and procedure
    • Staff Recruitment, Induction, Orientation and Retention Strategies
    • Organisational Change including Work Design
  8. Design/creation of in house training packages for delivery by your own teams in areas such as:
    • Performance Management
    • Workplace Behaviours
    • Bullying and Harassment

With an established record for excellence, contact APA Training & Development for further information on how we can support your requirements.